Party shoes

Party shoes that won’t kill your feet

With the party season upon us gals comes many hours of standing trying to maintain a smile while your feet are silently killing you.

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Standing at workstation

Thinking on your feet may save your life!

As part of our refurbishment an adjustable sit-stand workstation was installed at the reception desk to reduce the number of hours spent sitting by our front desk team.

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What we’ve been learning

We never stop learning! Find out how our new skills and knowledge in treating foot, hip and pelvic pain might benefit you.

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5 tips to avoid skiing injuries

Knee ligament injuries and fractures of the lower leg are common following twisting falls. Here’s a few tips to help you avoid injury this ski season.

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The Little Things

The little things we do all day without noticing can have a lot to do with why we get injured. Our postural habits or repetitive activities can be creating imbalances.

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Inflammation of the plantar fascia

Myth-conceptions about heel pain

Pain under the heel is one of the most common but least understood conditions affecting the foot. There is much misinformation regarding this condition.

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Soft tissue mobilisation

What to expect on your visit

To aid you in being prepared for your treatment, we have assembled an outline of our assessment approach and treatment methods.

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