Our Approach

It’s not just what we do and the results we achieve but how we do it that our clients appreciate.

The ripple effect

Our integrated approach recognises how one part of the body affects another. We aim to relieve the pain and restore the function to your injured area while addressing the ripple effect of your injury on other parts of your body. For example, limping on a sore foot for an extended period is likely to affect your hips and lower back.

Shared knowledge is the key

Sharing knowledge gives you confidence and hope! We know how important it is for you to fully understand the nature of your injury, the factors contributing to it, and the options for achieving a full recovery.

We are committed to your recovery

Your recovery requires a treatment plan that considers your specific goals and particular circumstances. We work with you to select the treatment option that will best suit you to achieve a full recovery. We make a point of following through on your progress, so don’t be surprised if you receive a quick phone call or email from your practitioner.

Inspired team approach

We are committed to continued learning and innovation to achieve full patient recovery from all types of injuries. We integrate the latest research into our treatment to bring you the best results. Our team approach enables us to provide you with immediate help and a fast recovery. We can also refer you to our network of leading allied health and medical specialists if required.

We treat the whole body

While we have special expertise in foot and ankle injury management, our physiotherapy team continue to treat conditions affecting all parts of the body. Many of our clients are office workers, sports enthusiasts, or carers who are suffering pain or limitation of movement from a wide range of physical demands.

Often it’s the little things you do all day which have a lot to do with how you feel.

— Robyn Gant