How to look after your bunion

Having managed my own bunion and hallux valgus deformity for the past 20 years I was able to relieve pain and maintain joint mobility with some specific soft tissue massage, stretching and understanding what features to look for in a shoe.

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Preparing for Foot & Ankle Surgery

When I recently underwent forefoot surgery at the same time as one of my clients, our discussions lead to this ultimate compilation of tips for achieving the best recovery.

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Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction Surgery: A “game changer” in forefoot surgery

The term bunion refers to bony bump that develops on the inside of the big toe joint and is typically associated with the condition called hallux valgus.

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Heel pain

Don’t let heel pain stop you in your tracks

Pain under the heel is a common complaint that has multiple presentations and causes. Unfortunately the assumption is often made that the person is suffering from plantar fasciitis when the plantar fascia is only one of the possible sources of symptoms.

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Party shoes

Party shoes that won’t kill your feet

With the party season upon us gals comes many hours of standing trying to maintain a smile while your feet are silently killing you.

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Inflammation of the plantar fascia

Myth-conceptions about heel pain

Pain under the heel is one of the most common but least understood conditions affecting the foot. There is much misinformation regarding this condition.

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