The research is in on the powerful healing effects of meditation

By Robyn Gant, Director

The Connection: Mind and Body

At Joint Health we recognise that stress can be a significant contributing factor to our client’s presenting condition which needs to be addressed for a successful outcome of treatment.

Stress affects the level of muscular tension in the body, the ability of the immune system to function properly and the body’s ability to deal with inflammation. A powerful new documentary directed by Australia’s Shannon Harvey called The Connection: Mind Your Body explores over 30 years of research from around the world regarding the effects of stress and the physical and mental health benefits to be achieved through meditation. Just eliciting the relaxation response has an immediate effect on the expression of our genes. If you could take a pill that offered all of these benefits everyone would want to buy it. As a result of Shannon’s exploration of this research and her adoption of a regular meditation practice Shannon’s autoimmune disorder is now in remission. Joint health has a copy of the DVD for loan, or you can view a preview and purchase a download at

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