Recharge your body and promote healing with a free trial of the BodiHealth device

The BodiHealth device provides and ultra low microcurrent to the body that replicates the energy used to drive our cellular function.



BodiHealth can assist in the recovery from pain, injury and fatigue; improve sleep and mood disorders; boost your immune system and promote wellness by stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. After what seems to have been one of the worst cold and flu seasons this year, many people are feeling lethargic and depleted. Joint Health has recently acquired a Bodihealth unit and is offering our clients a free trial to experience the benefits of this amazing device as well as the option of rental for home use should you find it effective.

I was introduced to the BodiHealth device last year by my mentor and colleague physiotherapist Francine St George. Coincidentally, and for the first time in our long careers, Francine and I had both suffered exhaustion due to overworking during an unexpected period of staff shortage. Francine had found it helped her recover her energy quickly and had been exploring its scientific basis and application within her practice. I had a similar response and felt an immediate boost in my energy levels. I rented the device to trial for a few months at Joint Health with some positive results. I found it convenient and easy to use at home and have since purchased a unit for the practice.

The current is applied through dampened electrodes attached to the feet and runs through 3 cycles each lasting 23 minutes and having different therapeutic effects on the body. The full 3 cycles are recommended for the first few sessions after which time just the last 2 cycles can be used for future treatments. A mild prickling sensation is felt for the first cycle only after which there is no perceivable sensation. If you would like to have a free trial please call us at Joint Health to arrange a suitable time, allowing about 90 minutes.

For further information please watch this short animated video.