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Many of our clients have learnt the benefits of Chi Walking to unload their legs and feet and enable efficient pain free walking.

Chi Running

The Chi Running® technique was developed by Canadian marathon runner Danny Dryer and Katherine Dryer who integrated Eastern concepts of body alignment and flow to create a walking and running style that is not only efficient and graceful but reduces impact through the body, preventing injury.

One of the most important keys to effortless movement is good postural alignment. This allows deep relaxation during the support phase of your stride… In Tai Chi this felt sense of your body being in a perpetual state of “relaxed support” is called song.

— Danny Dreyer, Chi Marathon

I recently introduced the concept of Chi Running® to my friend and client Jane, who was looking for an outdoor form of exercise that would invigorate her and compliment her indoor yoga practice. Hear what Jane had to say…

Several months back I decided to “get out of the gym” and into the lovely sunshine to do some of my fitness work. I debated what I could do? Swimming? Boot Camp? When I mentioned this to Robyn during one of my treatments, Robyn suggested another alternative… Chi Running®. I had always wanted run as you are not tied to a timetable, it’s outside and you can do it anywhere. Time after time I tried, but it just didn’t become a habit because it just wasn’t enjoyable. However the idea of being able to integrate my yoga practice, focusing on relaxation and alignment, into running was very appealing to me, so I decided to give it a go. Six months later I am still enjoying running. Key to forming this new habit was reading the book Chi Running® by Danny and Katherine Dryer, and getting some expert coaching by Maggie Macgill. Thank you Robyn and Maggie!

— Jane, client of Joint Health and Maggie Macgill

I’ve had knee pain for about 10 years and have tried all sorts of remedies, including surgery, in my attempts to get back into running. So I am thrilled to have finally discovered a pain free approach approach which has allowed me to get back into the exercise I love. Using the chi running technique and program has enabled me to steadily rebuild my strength and stamina. Now if I have knee pain it’s because I haven’t been applying the chi walking technique throughout the day. Running is absolutely fine!

— Sarah Tasic (client of Joint Health)
Maggie Macgill

Maggie Macgill

Maggie Macgill

Maggie is a Certified Chi Running® teacher based in Melbourne teaching Chi Running® nationally with regular east coast trips. Maggie has a background in rehabilitative and performance specific Pilates coaching. Maggie is also an accredited coach with Athletics Australia, holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Research Methods with honours in Medical Anthropology and is a graduate of the Masters Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Over the past seventeen years Maggie has taught in athlete training facilities and biomedical clinics across Australia and North America. Her clients have included sufferers of acute and chronic pain through to professional sports people and Olympic gold medalists.

Chi Running® combines the central movement principles of T’ai Chi with the sport of running to create a run technique that shifts the workload to the centre of the body thereby enabling the legs to flow in a more natural and less impactful way. Running in this way dramatically improves efficiency and protects from injury.

The Chi Running® technique is particularly suited to triathletes and mid to long distance runners who need optimum athletic output and high-level endurance with minimal impact to the body. It is also excellent for recreational runners who need a sustainable fitness practice that strengthens the core and builds better posture.

Maggie is an engaging and compassionate teacher who finds excellent ways to explain concepts so that her students feel it in their bodies.

— Mary Lundahl - Master Chi Running Class

If you are interested in joining a Sydney Chi Running® workshop contact Maggie directly at or phone 0414 262 703

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