Hear what our clients think of our service.

My foot pain had been my constant companion for going on 10 years, and after only three visits to Joint Health, it is all but gone. It is truly a miracle! I cannot believe I suffered for so long. I did not realise how much the pain had integrated into every area of my life. Without it every day is so different and my whole outlook on life has been transformed. The best part of the whole experience has been to now have an understanding of what is actually causing my pain, and then being given tools to enable me to treat it myself- how wonderful.

— Kathy Barnsley

Apart from relieving my immediate problem, I now realise how many unseemingly related body parts are in fact inter-related.

— Lynley Houghton

Besides gaining improved mobility and less pain, I have learnt a great deal about managing my health issues… The knowledge I have gained has prepared me mentally and physically to enjoy my lifestyle in a more relaxed manner.

— Laraine Stewart

The treatment, although over an extended period of time, has been permanent. It has given me back my quality of lifestyle and health… we were both determined to sort me out and we did.

— Joan Broadbeck

Robyn is a professional and ensures she only has professionals working with her. Therefore I am comfortable to see any of the team knowing they have the skills to treat.

— John Goddard

The fact that your practice rarely runs late means going to the physio is a genuinely positive and stress-free experience.

— Sally Auld