Sandy Wright’s Meditation retreat in Japan

By Robyn Gant, Director

In late March I attended my third meditation retreat run by Sandy Wright of The Inner Journey, this time in Kyoto during the cherry blossom season known as Sakura.

It was a special time as the Japanese exert a joyous exuberance as they celebrate this short and spectacular season by picnicing and partying both day and night. Sandy ran twice daily meditation sessions over 4 days interspersed with visits to beautiful Zen gardens and cultural acvities such as learning the art of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). Everything was done with care and precision including gift wrapping any item purchased in a mindful origami way.

Sandy’s meditations are never boring and include walking meditation, guided body relaxation and guided visualisation meditations that take you on revealing and healing journeys. This four day retreat with our small group of 6 left me feeling once again relaxed and rejuvenated with a clarity that helps my days flow beautifully.

If you would like to find out more about Sandy’s other retreats or classes you can email her at or call on 0438 821 334.

Category: Mind